First Time Homebuyer in Phoenix

With its job growth, beautiful year-round climate, and leisure opportunities, Phoenix is an exciting place to buy your first home. While you are shopping for your home, you also will be searching for the right home loan.

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As a first time homebuyer, you may find yourself dealing with uncertainties and questions, like:

How will I afford my down payment?

What are the steps of the mortgage process?

What if my credit score isn’t perfect?

What if my debts stand in my way?

How do I know what type of mortgage is right for me?

At Barrett Financial Group, we are here to answer these questions and help you with every aspect of applying for your first mortgage.

To start with, we can introduce you to special programs for first time homebuyers in Arizona. These programs make it easier and more affordable to purchase your first home.

Programs for First Time Homebuyers in Arizona

At Barrett Financial Group, we offer the following types of loans to customers in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona:



This is a program which is offered by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority. Through it, you can receive a 30-year home loan with a fixed mortgage rate and up to 5% assistance on your down payment.

Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance

You can also consider this program, provided by the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) and the Arizona Home Foreclosure Prevention Funding Corporation (AHFPFC). This program gives you a 30-year mortgage with a fixed interest rate and a second loan which provides down payment assistance with zero interest and no need to make monthly payments.

Pima Tucson Homebuyer’s Solution Program

If you will be living in Tucson or the surrounding region rather than Phoenix, you can look into the Pima Tucson Homebuyer’s Solution Program through the Industrial Development Authorities of the County of Pima and City of Tucson. With this program, you receive assistance which you can apply toward your down payment or which you may use for prepaid items or closing costs. Assistance can range up to 5%.



An FHA loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration is an ideal choice for first time homebuyers. Qualification requirements are flexible, and if you are found eligible, your down payment could be just 3.5%.



Are you a veteran, an active-duty member of the military, or a surviving spouse? Think about applying for a VA loan insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs for your first mortgage. Look forward to putting zero down on your first home with no PMI requirement.


Interest rates for FHA and VA loans are often lower than those for conventional loans, which is another plus.

What if you do not qualify for any of these special programs? We won’t rest until we have matched you with an affordable conventional or jumbo loan which fits your needs. No matter your financial situation, we feel that everyone deserves to own their own home. We’re here to help you make that dream come true.

Let Us Guide You Through the Process of Buying Your First Home

When you choose Barrett Financial Group as your first mortgage company, we make the home buying process clear and easy.

We know that as a first time homebuyer, you are looking for answers to your questions. We listen patiently to your questions and concerns, addressing each in turn. Our goal is to educate you on all of your options so you can move forward with your home purchase confidently.

Financial situations of first time homebuyers can vary significantly. Whatever financial obstacles and goals you bring to the home buying process, we will work to minimize those obstacles while finding you a lending product that brings your goals within reach.

By helping you to pre-qualify for a mortgage, we can increase your bargaining power during the home buying process. This makes it more likely that you can purchase the home that you want.

We lay the steps of the mortgage application process out in front of you in clear, simple terms. When working with us, you will never feel lost. You will always have a friendly, dedicated loan expert on your side to guide you along the way.

Apply For Your First Mortgage Now

It’s time to move into your new home in Phoenix and create the life of your dreams. If you are ready to apply for your first home loan, or even if you just want to ask some questions, we would love to help you. Please call us now at (480) 470-1080 to schedule your first time homebuyer consultation.

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