Fix & Flip Loans in Phoenix

Looking to purchase distressed properties in Phoenix at low prices, renovate them, and turn them around for a profit? Our fix & flip loans were designed just for you.

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What are Fix & Flip Loans?

A fix & flip loan is a short-term financing product you can use to purchase:

Foreclosed properties

Wholesale real estate

Other discounted properties

Fix & flip loans are classified as hard money loans. That means that they are secured. The property you are buying with the loan becomes the loan’s collateral.

Phoenix Fix & Flip Loan Benefits

Here are a few reasons why our fix & flip loans are ideal for your investments:

Fix & flip loans usually have no prepayment penalties. If you plan to renovate and sell the property quickly, you can do so without it costing you unnecessary fees.

Because fix & flip loans are tied to collateral as hard money loans, credit requirements are more relaxed.

The application process is designed to be fast and simple, with rapid disbursement of funds upon approval. This allows you to move immediately on the property you wish to purchase before a competing buyer gets there first.

Get the Short-Term Financing You Need for Your Fix & Flip Project Today

Many Phoenix mortgage companies do not offer fix & flip loans. If they do, they usually do so on the side. At Barrett Financial Group, our approach is different. This product is among our specialties, and is tailored to the exact needs of fix & flip buyers.

During your consultation, we have a chance to tell you more about how these loans work, and to learn more about your project. This will allow us to match you up with the most suitable fix & flip loan in Arizona. Ready to begin? Please call us today at (480) 470-1080 to schedule your consultation.

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